Technical support & services

Customer support
We provide basic support to the customers who purchase a package, mostly by email. We provide support only to our customers directly, not to their clients.

Default content and documentation
The self explanatory as well as documented administration area, templates and stylesheets that are displayed with a new installation of WebIndexer are a perfect way of getting to know how the package works. Each feature of WebIndexer includes basic help to assist in utilizing the functionality.
The administration area has a similar navigation as the website itself. Therefore it's very easy to understand how it works and doesn't require special learning or customer training.
Although the developer has to know css if he wishes to change the Layout without using the templates.

Commercial support
Paid technical support is also available in case you wish us to complete some of the work for you. Additionally, for upgrade issues, or any other concern, commercial support may be an option.

Feature request - Paid development

If you wish to request additional features or functionality in our CMS software, please contact us. We will inform you if this is possible and if there is a fee for this.


Although the system is tested every day, if you think you have found a bug please contact us. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.