Webadmin - administration area

The content management system is very easy to use, since it has a similar navigation as the website itself, so you can figure out right away where to look for something if you want to view, add, change or delete contents.
It gives you complete control over your site and content.

It allows changing anything, even the layout, as it provides some beautiful templates, color scheme and css field to change appearance of the elements.

From the administration area the developer can choose what kind of site as well as which features he wants to provide the client.

You can control the SEO structure of all dynamic pages as they have the proper fields for all meta tags and url. Furthermore, the system has such an algorithm, that even if you don't fill in these fields, it automatically chooses the best combination for each page of the website.

Everything a website needs. Easy. Ready to use.

CMS platform specifications
CMS in your language
  W3 standards valid HTML5
  Responsive technology - Mobile friendly out of the box - for compatibility with all desktop & mobile devices
  Disabled friendly - accessible to people with disabilities
 Modern layout Design
  Color scheme
  Rich text editor (WYSIWYG)
  Indexing & Search
  Multilingual support
  Multiple site management
  Multiple domain management
  Social media integration
  On-site SEO structure - SEO management
  Feature management
  Fully dynamic environment to add and manage unlimited sections and contents

Multilingual, Multisite & Multidomain

Advanced feature for unlimited languages addition

Possibility of choosing also the language of the Webadmin from the languages which are enabled for the Website.

Multisite structure

Possibility of setting multiple websites to use the same code base in order to make updates easily. Websites also can have their own code base each. Whatever suits your needs.

Multidomain structure

Possibility of using for the same website different domain names for each language or different domains with all languages but other start language each.

Structure for various kind of websites
    Business website
    E-shop with shopping cart
    Enterprise with inquiry cart, suitable for industries which vary sale prices according to quantity
    Hotel website with prices per room type, per day and season, reservation request form and online booking connection and children discount
     Travel agency with prices per package, per day and season or for the whole package with predetermined number of days and children discount
    Car rental with prices per auto, per number of days and season
     Portal or business directory suitable for regional projects with items by category and region
  • Menu categories 2nd level with photo slideshow and items - unlimited
  • Items - contents with title, texts, photos, files, specifications, prices, embedded video or maps or any other code and more
  • Item - product promotion
  • Related items
  • Add items to multiple categories
  • Search function advanced
  • Shopping cart system with customer login and online ordering and payments (bank connection, paypal, etc.)
  • Inquiry cart
  • Request/inquiry and/or order form, depending on wether there is a price on items or not and on the kind of site
  • Newsletter
  • Reviews
  • and more...


Advanced price discounts system

Product discount
General site discount - if set, applies on all prices and offer prices.
Category discount - if set, applies on all prices in the category and has priority over General site discount.
Language discount - if set, applies only to this language and it is added to the existent discount.
Special discount - in case the prices are per person - if set, it calculates special price with this discount in addition to the other discounts.