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multilingual, multisite & multidomain web CMS platform

A flexible, powerful, very easy to use CMS - Web Content Management System for professional websites in any field of activity

WebIndexer is a database driven, multilingual, multisite & multidomain web content management platform, designed to make the development of websites of all kinds an easy and productive process. Its high functionality and usability, the advanced built-in features, the elegant, modern responsive layout make it a flexible CMS solution suitable for any type of web project.
Based on a long year experience and continuously improved, WebIndexer has everything that a website needs. It provides functionality for Business website, E-shop with shopping cart or inquiry cart, Hotel, Travel agency, Car rental, even Portal or Business Directory.
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Building websites with exceptional user experience and high usability - WebIndexer

Building websites with exceptional user experience and high usability

Easy to use. Front-end & Back-end. For both Users & Web designers.

We have developed an intuitive and flexible CMS interface that makes it easy to manage the contents of the website at any time. The well structured, clean and intuitive user administration area has a similar navigation as the website itself. Therefore it takes only a few minutes to understand how it works and to start creating or modifying content.

Just fantastic tool for creating websites for less-than-savvy clients that need to use the backend without getting confused or tired.

Outstanding mobile ready design

Webindexer creates impressive, professional looking, responsive websites that are not only easy to navigate, but also add functionality to your web presence. It provides a dynamic Color Scheme and some beautiful pure css based Templates to choose from and the Layout can be further customized by developers and designers only from the css files.

High built-in functionality

Webindexer Content management system platform features great functionality, flexibility, maintainability and multilingual support, offering at the same time speed and simplicity. It has a powerful, sophisticated engine that can be tuned to suit whatever type of website you can imagine. It has integrated all functions and capabilities that most websites could need.

Excellent usability

The main appeal of a good CMS is it's usability. WebIndexer CMS is the perfect choice for inexperienced people without technical or programming skills who are managing their website. It is very easy to use and does not require a training, the user can figure out easily by himself how to edit the contents. Of course instructions of use are provided.

SEO friendly & secure

WebIndexer provides native SEO support, it has a structure which automates the entire on-site SEO process creating all the necessary elements. It creates well-structured, standards-compliant and secure websites that conform to the latest web accessibility and international standards, is flexible to future needs and offers an excellent return on investment.

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