50 websites CMS License

Commercial use License for 50 websites

Perpetual, commercial, royalty free, non-exclusive License

  • The use of the software is restricted to 50 installations (website projects).
  • License does not expire, is granted perpetually, as long as Licensee does not materially breach it.
  • The software may not be redistributed or resold.
  • Licensee may use the software in work which he is creating for his own purposes or for his client, for any commercial or non-commercial legal purpose, including paid-services, without any royalties.
  • Licensee may create complementary works, destinated to add functionality to the system (such as plugins).
  • Licensee may not create derivative works and may not incorporate the software or it's components in a different work.
  • Licensee may assign his rights and duties under this License as long as the party who Licensee assigns the License accepts the License in full, and provides Licensor with a written confirmation of assignment.
  • Licensee must leave any license and copyright notices in the software intact.

Includes technical support for 1 year.

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